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Pedal power and technology is what we provide!

Whether commuting or riding for leisure or sport, the power of an e-bike can get you where you want to go. Oh Wow Cycles has an extensive selection of electric bikes to suit your budget and your lifestyle. Not sure what e-bike to get? Talk to us.
Oh Wow Cycles Logo

Our logo was created by Ash’s 10-year-old daughter. Her excitement about her Dad’s new business venture led her to design a logo. We love the logo’s child-like nature because it symbolizes the way children are open to adventure and fun — an aspect that e-bikes bring to every rider.

Company Mission​

Oh Wow Cycles was established to bring quality and affordable electric bikes to consumers.  Quality means durability and safety for a smooth long ride at prices that is value for money.

Continued Improvements Through Customer Feedback

Ash embeds a personal touch on every e-bike sold.  He is constantly looking for better ways to improve electric bikes.  Customers can reach out to him with suggestions or complaints through our website’s CONTACT US page.

Oh Wow Cycles was born out of Ash Soliman’s, the founder, desire to help himself and others have more fun while getting healthy. After a condition that led to heart surgery in 2019, Ash was told that he needed to change his lifestyle, pay attention to his diet and start exercising. And exercise was a key component of his cardiac rehabilitation because he needed to strengthen his heart. Initially, walking on a treadmill and riding a stationary bike were okay. But both quickly grew mundane and boring.  Ash was determined to find alternative ways to work out and keep up with his exercise requirement.

One of the things Ash did was to hop on a bicycle and do some rounds.  However, when it came to uphill rides, his bicycle proved to be counterproductive.  Ash’s heart raced and there was too much exertion on his muscles. One time he cycled farther than he should have and was forced to take an Uber home because he was too exhausted to pedal back home.

Basic Info about us

History of Oh Wow Cycles aka Ash's "AHA" Moment

On a trip to Big Bear Mountain in Southern California, the Soliman family discovered they could rent either bicycles or electric bikes to explore the area.  Ash chose an e-bike and discovered that he could conquer both inclines and rugged trails with ease. Suddenly, he was able to maneuver hills that family members on manual bicycles found challenging. Ash’s response to the experience was “Oh Wow!”

And his “Oh Wow” reaction is the inspiration behind Oh Wow Cycles. Ash says: “I wanted to bring the best components to build the ultimate electric bike.” 

In Big Bear, Ash discovered the electric bike was just what he needed. Despite his pedaling being assisted by a motor, the e-bike still provided his required exercise.  Beyond the physical benefit, Ash discovered the pleasures of running errands and exploring on an e-bike. He rode the electric bike to shopping malls and other places —including the beach. 

This motivated Ash to go into the electric bike business to he could share with others the pleasures and value of riding an electric bike whether their focus is on fitness or transportation. Imagine what could happen if more people pedaled instead of driving. We could reduce carbon emissions from cars and spend less money at the pump.

Ash is determined to build quality e-bikes with reliable, premium parts and components.  After thoroughly researching manufacturers and suppliers, Ash found a manufacturer that could produce the e-bikes envisioned.  And Oh Wow Cycles was born.

Oh Wow Cycles e-bikes are distributed throughout California. Find us at your local bike shop. If you don’t see Oh Wow, request us.  Our e-bikes are also sold online through our Oh Wow Cycles website.

About Ash Soliman

Ash is a successful entrepreneur and pharmacist.  He is the mind behind Southern California’s Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy group, He has six branches throughout Southern California. His emphasis on personal attention and care for customers has been a key factor in his pharmacy group’s success. 

Ash Soliman created Oh Wow Cycles with the same customer focus. He lives in Southern California with his wife and three children. A musician at heart, Ash was part of a band in his youth. Most gigs were for charity events. He’s also an avid soccer fan.