Is E-Bike Maintenance Necessary?

Is E-Bike Maintenance Necessary?

E-bike maintenance is necessary even if the electronic bike is relatively new. Although manufacturers do their best to keep the e-bike maintenance to a bare minimum, as an owner it is still important to be mindful for its upkeep. The motor, battery and controller are usually maintenance-free but there are other parts that need monitoring and cleaning on a regular basis.

Here are a list of essential maintenance items with suggestions on how often they should be performed.

Before going off for an e-bike ride

Be sure that the battery is charged. A fully charged battery will ensure that you get to where you intend to go and will have optimal performance.

Check the tires or inflate tires. Property inflated tires are essential for safety and performance of the electric bike. A regular check on the tires pressures should be made because over time this gets loss. Be sure to know the recommended tire pressure range on the tire sidewall. Good tire pressures will make the ride smoother. A high pressure will make the tires roll faster making bumps more touch to handle. Make time to experiment and find the right pressure that offers the best balance of ride quality and speed.

Always check the brakes. See to it that the front and back brakes are functioning. Be mindful for any obvious issues like loose parts and excessive wear and tear of the brake rotors or pads. A defective brake system loses power and it may emit a squeal when stopping. Stop your ride when this happens and have the brakes looked into by a professional e-bike mechanic.

Do this after every 3-4 rides

Clean your e-bike by moistening a cloth or rug with water and wipe off the dirt and grime that may have accumulated on its frame, on the wheels as well as the motor housing.

Lubricate the chain. A lubricated and clean chain is essential for performance. Look for a bicycle specific lube that is appropriate to your bike. You can ask the dealer for this information.

Do this after 6 or 12 months

Have a complete tuneup. Be sure to have the e-bike comprehensively checked by the local dealer or a professional mechanic. Regular service is the key to a long life for your electric bike. It ensures reliability as well. The e-bike will have normal wear and tear items and this should be replaced as they can affect the safety of the ride.

When you stay on top of the regular e-bike maintenance, you will reduce the chances of a breakdown on the road during rides. You also protect the value of your e-bike investment.


Never attempt to do maintenance to the motor, battery or controller. Always ask a professional e-bike maintenance mechanic for any issues on the mentioned parts. If your electronic bike is still under warranty, know what these items are and do not replace or open any item as this may void the warranty. Proper e-bike maintenance is crucial if you want your electronic bike to be comfortable and efficient for your daily use.