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The story behind Oh Wow Cycles is almost as cool as our electric bikes. After our founder, Ash, had a heart procedure, his doctor prescribed daily exercise. He recommended 40 minutes of exercise on a treadmill daily. Ash found no “Wow” in that boring, repetitive routine, so he began looking for ways to mix up his fitness routines. That led to cycling and the beauty of e-bikes from a pedal-assist up a hill to full-on throttle.

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Lisa CiccarelliLisa Ciccarelli
18:43 21 Oct 22
I first saw Oh Wow's electric bikes at the LA County Fair. I stopped to talk with Ash there and loved their bikes - problem was they were all too big for me. He said they were designing a smaller women's bike and I could get the first one! He stayed in touch with me while it was being built, custom painted it glittery pink and green (oh wow! lol) and personally delivered it to my door! He and Roman made sure to go over everything and personalized the fit & settings to my liking. I LOVE my ebike and am so happy with the service I received. I would recommend Oh Wow Cycles to anyone looking for an electric bike - and now there are amazing options for women!
David PetersDavid Peters
15:16 30 Aug 22
I bought the volt from oh wow cycles & I’m a very satisfied. Would recommend. Their mechanic Roman is very helpful & knowledgeable.
AshleyRenee MooseAshleyRenee Moose
00:19 29 Aug 22
Bought two from them! Definitely worth the money. And they were super cool. Even after my small dog tried to eat their ankles lol 😆
Vaughn AllenVaughn Allen
21:41 10 Aug 22
Amazing quality.I really wish I could give several stars. If you were to look up consumer in the dictionary, you would find a photograph of me!I purchased one of the Wow Volt bikes last Spring from Safety Cycle in Torrance. (amazing owners, crew and customer service)I thought if I get a couple seasons out of the Wow Volt I would be fine and one on. After a very active time on the trails of Palos Verdes and the strand of South Bay, I thought I would take to Catalina Island. I probably put on about 4-500 miles on the back roads to the Airport in the sky, Middle Ranch and anywhere I wanted to go. Just bring a back up battery as you are going from sea level to 1200 feet a few times. I kinda made fun of my friends a few times over the past couple years that tried to get me on board this electric bike thing. Finally I did after Kyle at Safety Cycle had me try the Volt. With my Specialized mountain bike, I go for the trails and up hill is always a good workout here locally on the trails of Palos Verdes. With the Wow Electric bike it is like having a personal trainer. When you are exhausted and about to toss your lungs on the trail, give it a bump in assistance and you keep the heart rate up without stopping, giving you a better workout and as well cover more ground. I called the company as I need more keys made and Ash answered the phone ( while being at the OC fair) and was so helpful and generous with his time.Oh.... I forgot, after my first trip to Catalina (where I leave them May - end of October) I bought another one for my wife!That is saying a lot of my trust in the Wow Volt.Always wear a helmet and I am in no way a role model. Just a guy in his 60's still feeling like he is 14 as my foot is in a cast from skateboarding.
Joslyn NavarroJoslyn Navarro
05:21 08 Aug 22
I met an amazing group of gentlemen at the Oh Wow! E-bike booth at the Ventura county fair opening day. I became OBSESSED with their ebike trike that had a bench seat on the back that could sit my two children. The men chatted with us for a long time and before I knew it, I was a proud owner of one of their latest models! These men went ABOVE AND BEYOND with their customer service, they assisted to customize a black on black bike for me! Not only did they personally take our order but they delivered it to my residence in a much shorter time than quoted and they did not leave until they not only taught me all the information but also walked around a local school parking lot with me to ensure I was safe and understanding of actually riding the bike! These men take pride in their product and it really shows!!!
Curtis CunninghamCurtis Cunningham
16:30 24 Jul 22
Great customer service. Nice built bikes several to choose from plus they also deliver. All the way to east Riverside county.
Jennifer CormackJennifer Cormack
15:25 02 Jul 22
I am very impressed with their customer service. I contacted them about an error code and they were at my house a few hours later to fix the problem. They answered my questions, showed me how to remove the battery and even taught me some helpful stuff that I didn’t know.
Matt FronkeMatt Fronke
06:43 01 Jul 22
I love my Oh Wow! ebike. I bought the NRG model a few months back with 4 inch tires because I am 59 years old, but also 6’6” and 290 lbs. So I wanted a step-through frame, but wanted something big that can handle a big rider. My concern was that this step-through with the basket and brown seat might look feminine, so Ash suggested that removing the basket and switching out the brown seat for a black seat would be perfect for me. He was right, so he and his tech, Roman, ordered a black seat. Because of our country’s current shipping issues, Ash installed a temporary black seat until their new shipment came in that included a stock black seat. The black seat just arrived, so Ash and Roman personally delivered it to my house today! While here, they not only installed the new seat, but spent quality time installing it and tweaking a few things on the bike to make sure everything was looking and running right. Excellent service - these guys really stand by their product! This bike is perfect for me - I am very happy I bought it! Great company!
Hayden SmithHayden Smith
05:22 01 Jul 22
Bought a Voltaic almost a year ago. Have put 500+ miles on it including off-roading, street riding, and just cruising around town!Better than the extremely durable bike is the owner and quality of service in dealing with a small business. I had the slightest issue with my bike, I contacted the owner of Oh WoW, he identifies a very simple issue that I could have resolved by myself. I would definitely buy an ebike from OhWow! Quality of service 5/5. Quality of product 5/5!
Ed HuestonEd Hueston
02:53 30 Jun 22
I have been looking for a tricycle for about four months. All over the United States and the world. I couldn't find anything that I liked. I finally found a place in California called Oh Wow Cycles. I talked with the dealer for a while and found out that might be a good one for me. So I ordered it and when I received it I was totally surprised. The quality of the build of the tricycle was amazing. Strong and tough. It also has a differential on the rear wheels so if you won't flip over. Amazing. It has a motor that is so strong that you can spin the front tire when you takeoff. The battery is really strong and lasts a very long time. I wanted to get something that I could get some exercise on. This tricycle has a six speed Shimano gearshift set up. Every time I ride it it makes me smile.
After researching buying an e-bike for about six months, I met Ash Soliman, the owner of Oh Wow Cycles at Urban Cycling US in Long Beach. I fell in love with the variety and quality of Oh Wow Cycles. Then I began saving to increase my original $1000 e-bike savings based on e-cycles I’d seen online.For a quality e-bike, with top of the line Shimano gears, a 750 watt battery, etc., you should plan on spending between $2,000-$2,500. But you don’t need to spend twice as much to buy a famous-maker e-bike from Specialized or TREK. It’s also good to buy from a brand associated with local bike shops, because then if a repair or a tune-up is needed, you have a place to repair it. Josue, the owner of Urban Cycling US in Long Beach, is a passionate cyclist himself. He introduced me to Ash and Oh Wow Cycles.And now I own a VOLT, a foldable e-bike. It’s a good thing I fell for a foldable e-bike, because my building has small, undersized elevators, and I have to fold down the handlebars to fit my bike on either elevator.P.S. One reason I bought my e-cycle from Oh Wow was that I fell in love with the story behind the company. Suffering a heart attack indirectly led Ash to create an e-cycle company. (See his website for the story.)
Jake ParrishJake Parrish
22:49 12 Apr 22
picked up 2 oh wow cycles at franks bike shop in downey ! these bikes are amazing , the quality compared to my previous ebikes i've had is not comparable to oh wow .my son loves the green voltaic the motorcycle style and i picked up the volt folding bike style . we just tested the bike and were sold right away . i would definitely recommend oh wow cycles ebike .
Josh MoonJosh Moon
22:43 12 Apr 22
Great quality bikes for great prices. Went to franks bike shop in Downey and picked myself up a black voltaic motorcycle style e-bike. They let me test drive in the parking lot and I loved it! Quality of the bike is amazing ! Top of the line components for good prices. Thanks OhWow and Franks Bike Shop in Downey! They also offer financing only paid $70 and took the bike with me.
The DonThe Don
00:44 11 Jan 22
monte lamontemonte lamonte
16:30 29 Dec 21
I bought my bike from Frank's bike Shop (original location) in Downey in November of 2020 -- I highly recommend Frank's Bike Shop, btw, because they provide excellent customer service. Thar being said, Oh Wow also provides top-notch customer service. My bike had a rear brake issue and not only did they resolve it the same day, they delivered the bike to me -- I happen to live in California near where the bikes are made.The Bike itself is sturdy, powerful, offers speed when needed, and easily the most comfortable bike I have ever owned -- the suspension is impressive because there are three very strong shocks in place on the bike.Anyway, I cannot speak highly enough about the bike, the service the company provides, and the bike shop where i purchased. It's time for you to find out for yourself.
Alan BakerAlan Baker
23:54 16 Dec 21
My wife and I had spent several weeks looking at e-trikes, picking out features we liked/disliked, which made a large group into a very small list. After choosing a brand, we called to order but was given a strange runaround. Feeling uneasy we backed out and started our search again.After several nights of deep google searches, I stumbled onto Oh Wow Cycles website. They had the feature set we were after including the rear differential.We called and Ash answered all of our questions, took photos and measurements for me and was just the nicest guy you could hope for. I felt like we were old friends. Anyway, we ordered 2 of the conductor 750 trikes and 6-7 day later (I know, unreal fast) they made the trip from CA to MT. The detailer bracket had been bent in transit, but Ash made arrangements locally to fix the issue...problem solved.Now for the trikes...they are awesome. Gravel roads, slick roads or snow is no match for these trikes. With pedal power to both back wheels, even without the front motor, traction is fantastic. I can even take our huskies for a walk in the snow on the trike without the fear of falling over.My wife and I now enjoy winter weather on our Oh Wow trikes.Thank you to Ash and Oh Wow Cycles for a wonderful experience that far exceeded our expectations.
Michael KellerMichael Keller
16:53 07 Dec 21
Fantastic bike and wonderful customer service.My bike is better than I thought it would be. Any maintenance required the OH WOW was right there to help. I recommend their bikes highly and even more important its a terrific company.
Russell VaronRussell Varon
23:16 14 Sep 21
So I got an oh wow voltaic e-bike and I’m enjoying it thoroughly. So far very reliable local transportation. I think what I like best about this particular Electric Bike is that it’s heavy, the tires are large, the frame is sturdy, the battery is strong, the light in the front is very large which is definitely a good idea when you’re out there in traffic. I’ve driven other electric bikes they are very light weight and a little questionable when you’re out on the roads. I feel like I’m actually riding a motorcycle. I give this company high reviews there’s only one thing I would like to figure out and that is how to quiet down a little bit of the squeaking once you depress the brakes. I’m sure I’ll come up with an answer on that as it is new. I give the company five stars I think you’ll be happy with their product line.