Oh Wow Cycles Featured E-bike

Oh Wow Cycles Featured E-bike

Are you in search of an efficient and quality e-bike?  Do you need to replace an existing e-bike? You have come to the right place. Before making any decision, go over our featured products. Oh Wow Cycles guarantee the best components for each e-bike giving maximum and longer service.

Max Cargo E-Bike

The Max Cargo E-bike is an affordable electrical bike with rich features. This e-bike is a long-tail cargo bike with a sensing pedal assist. It has a throttle on-demand feature. It has an adjustable bar. The body frame is made from aluminum alloy.

The 8V/750W ENA hub motor installed in the rear wheel is powerful and durable. Gear shifting is a Shimano Derailleur 7-Speed Freewheel for easy shifting. Motor brakes is a 160 mm EKTRO disc brake.

This e-bike can go on a maximum of 20 miles per hour on a 30 miles per hour battery range.  Charging the battery at full load is 4 hours.

Throttle is by thumb thereby the power by hand is always available.

Integrated front LED headlights with rear light and fenders.  There is an option for front and read basket installation.

This e-bike has24 inch black alloy rims and the spokes are made of stainless steel.  It has 24×24 Kenda tires installed.

The Max Cargo is an efficient cargo bike. This goes well for bikers who would like a powerful and yet practical ride.

Circuit Breaker E-bike

A powerful yet smooth drive can be provided by the Circuit Breaker electric bike. Easy on any rugged terrains as well as any urban road.  This model may very well become a popular one on the Oh Wow Cycles catalog. This is e-bike is versatile, affordable, and very easy to use.

The Circuit Breaker comes with a Bafang 750 watts rear hub motor and a Samsung  48V 14AH cell battery.  This is enough power for the daily commute, a road cruise, or taking on an include on your favorite trails.

The motor has a maximum speed of 26 miles per hour with a motor range speed of 40 miles per hour.  The assisted mode can be selected with different power options or a normal bike function with the motor fully off.  It has a King Meter SW LCD display, 5 level assists. The Circuit Breaker has an ARD-FT35AD, Shimano 7 speed

It is equipped with Chaoyang 26″*4.0, Quick release front wheel tires. The Brake system is NUTT hydraulic disc brake. The entire e-bike body is made from high-quality aluminum alloy.  The e-bike is lightweight and very easy to handle yet it is durable and safe. The rims are made of aluminum alloy as well that offers maximum durability and a faster ride with very minimal drag. The front wheels have a powerful suspension fork for a comfortable ride on almost all types of terrain.

Volt Folding E-Bike

For the past months especially during this COVID-19 times, e-bike sales have had a considerable surge. Electric bikes, however, can be bulky and heavy for those who live in small apartments or condos. Oh Wow Cycles offer a solution to those in this predicament – Volt Folding E-Bike.

The fact that it is a foldable bike offer some convenience.  The folding bike can be squeeze into a car trunk or a cabinet in the home when not in use.  Simply pull the lever at the center of the bike and it will fold up. 

Just like any other Oh Wow Cycle e-bikes, the Volt Folding E-bike has a Bafang motor and a Samsung battery cell.  The volt has a 9-speed gear shift which makes it powerful to hit those rugged terrains.

The rims are made up of aluminum alloy as with the rest of the body. Tires are 20 x 40 Chaoyang with spokes made from steel.  The hydraulic brake system is composed of ZOOM 160 mm front and 160 mm read disc brakes. It has a motor cut-off sensor in the brake handles.

The Volt Folding E-bike is an ideal one since it is easy to use and with much pedal power. Once you have experienced riding this electric bike, you will surely wonder why you did not get one sooner.

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