E-bike FAQs: Top Questions Answered

E-bike FAQs: Top Questions Answered

By now, you have learned a bit more about electric bikes. This article covers more e-bike FAQs that you may have in mind.

Like in any other emerging technology, purchasing an e-bike can be a confusing process. As a careful buyer, you would like to know if you are getting the right one and what are the key things to be on the lookout for.

Below are some basic questions to help you decide on what e-bike to buy.

Is a driver’s license necessary to ride an e-bike on the road?

First, you must find out if your state has a three-tiered classification system for electric bikes. The table below should guide you:

There are 26 three-tiered classification states including California, that typically exempt e-bikes from licensure, registration, and insurance requirements.

Are e-bikes heavier than ordinary bicycles?

Due to the presence of a motor, an e-bike is usually heavier than a conventional bike. The e-bike is robust in that it can handle the extra weight and power of the motor and the components. E-bike technology is developing fast, and many manufacturers strive to make them lighter but more poweful.

How fast can an electric bike go?

Some countries like the UK, Australia, and the EU require that the electric motor stops aiding at 25kph or 15mph. When this happens, the rider needs to pedal to have power. In the United States, the electric motor can keep on going at 32kph or 20mph.

The rider should be fit enough to keep pace beyond the speed under his pedal power or when going downhill. There is nothing that does not allow the rider to go faster though he must be sure he is in full control. The e-bike’s extra weight can increase stopping distances in comparison with pedal-powered bikes.

Why are e-bikes expensive?

Looking at the prices of e-bikes, you will conclude that they are more expensive than conventional bicycles. The extra costs may be attributed to the battery and the other technology that are incorporated into the bike system.

E-bikes have lithium-ion batteries and the minerals used for these batteries are expensive as well as limited. The rider is also paying for the motor, the controller, the display, and other hardware. The manufacturers guarantee a robust e-bike. The powertrain, wheels, and disc brakes are of high quality, adding more to the cost of the e-bike price.

What do you mean by watt hours?

The e-bike’s energy capacity of the battery indicates the range that the e-bike can handle. This is called watt-hours or Wh.

The Wh shows how many watts can continuously be provided by the battery for an hour. An example is 250watts of assistance for an hour, 125 watts for 2 hours, and so forth. How far an e-bike can go on a single charge depends on where it is heading, how much assistance is needed, and the weather. Flat terrain with low assistance gets more range than a ride with a lot of heavy packages. Everything depends on how much load is given to the battery.

Can I travel on my electric bike?

The answer to this question depends on a couple of things. One is the regulations where you are going and how you plan to transport the e-bike. Consider that e-bikes weighing more than 20kg may be hard to lift.

Air flights may be strict due to regulations on battery size. The accepted regulation is only up to 100Wh. Check the airline rules for this.

If you are driving to the destination and bringing the e-bike, be sure not to leave the bike in a hot car as this can affect the battery performance.

How can I secure my electric bike?

Security of property is an important aspect. It is important to secure the e-bike with a solid, sturdy, and reliable lock through the wheels and frame. Then attach this to an immovable object. If there is an option, store the e-bike in a secure location.

The e-bikes’ battery and components will be attractive to thieves. Most models are now equipped with removable batteries and even have a lock and key to go with them.

E-bikes are of high value, so it is worthwhile buying a good lock and be careful where to park the bike.

Should you have any other e-bike FAQs not covered in this article, please feel free to contact OH WOW CYCLES through our website.