Essential Cycling Attire for Off-Road and Commuting

Essential Cycling Attire for Off-Road and Commuting

Cycling has now become very popular. There are many cycling attires and gears for the enthusiast. Some are expensive items and are fashion statements and even a show of prestige, but e-bike users must not forget that safety and comfort are the foremost consideration for these items.

Which e-bike cycling gear should a rider have?

Any cycling attire can be used when riding an e-bike. However, those who ride often have eventually adopted at least a specialized garb for comfort. Below is a list of suggested riding gear:

  • Helmet 

Not really a cycling attire item but an important gear to have. The helmet is a safety item. A proper helmet will prevent head injuries, as cyclists can fall or get thrown off from the bike. Riders must wear a helmet all the time while on the road. In the US, bicycle helmets are required for safety reasons. Some helmets have fit requirements and should have good head ventilation. Bike shops have different options, and the staff can point riders to the good and durable ones.

  • Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts come in two options: body-hugging and the baggy type. Some baggy ones may have some hug-fitting features under the exterior layer. Most of these cycling shorts have paddings, called chamois, to act as protection to the body area in contact with the saddle as well as to absorb moisture. Please take note that cycling shorts can be worn without underwear to avoid skin chafing.

Many cycling enthusiasts prefer close-fitting shorts The body-hugging material is spandex, which is known for its elasticity. The material keeps the shorts from pulling up during the ride and leaves the fabric with no flap resulting in less wind resistance. The material also supports that part of the body from fatigue. This is the usual cycling attire favored by professional cyclists.

E-bikers who go for off-road trails prefer the looser shorts for more range of motion. So far, the body-hugging shorts have been associated with road-biking culture while the loose shorts are associated with the off-road, mountain bike group. But there are no-cut rules on this, as long as the shorts allow freedom of movement.

  • Gloves

The gloves used in e-biking are fingerless ones with padding on the palms. They are meant to absorb jarring from the bumps while riding. The gloves act as protection in case you crash.

  • Footwear

A lot of the bicycle riding population started with rubber shoes, which are good enough for short rides. But for longer rides, it is advisable to get a good cycling pair of shoes. These shoes have rigid or hard soles that help prevent cramps or pain from repetitive flexing of the feet. They optimize the transfer of energy from the body to the pedals.

There are two types of bicycle shoes:

  • Road bike shoes 
  • Mountain bike shoes (MTB)

The MTB has a lugged sole and is not as rigid as the road bike ones. They are also easier to walk on. This is important for mountain trail bikers because they are on and off the bikes as may be needed. 

Road bike shoes are fitted with a cleat on the bottom that clicks into the pedals. This is designed for this purpose. The soles are quick to slide into the pedals which is vital when you are racing.

It is important to determine what kind of e-bike riding you will do and pick out the shoes that fit.

  • Jersey

When you bike on the road, bright-colored jerseys help to make you more visible to other vehicles. Bike jerseys are made of synthetic fabric that absorbs sweat or moisture and does not become soggy even If you get caught in the rain.

Jerseys are close-fitting to minimize wind resistance. The pockets at the back allow the rider to leave stuff without interfering with the maneuvering of the bike. Some mountain bikers often choose T-shirt tops made of synthetic material.

In bike culture, riders usually have prints on the jerseys that show the tour cycling they have attended.

  • Cold weather adds

The garb described above is for hot or warm weather, but it can also serve as the base layer during the cold season. A pair of tights can be a good investment. The tights will not snag on the wheel chain like regular pants or jeans.

A skullcap can be under your helmet. If your footwear has enough room, add a second pair of socks to make your feet warm. Shoe covers can also be bought to go over the bike shoes.

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