Safety Tips for the E-Biker

Safety Tips for the E-Biker

Here are some safety tips for the e-biker.

E-bikes are considered the most convenient and reliable way to commute. They are small enough to squeeze through traffic jams without much hassle. But as in any two-wheel vehicle, they demand safety precautions because the rider is exposed.

There are some countries like the Netherlands that have incorporated e-bikes into their transportation system’s roads and spaces. By doing so, a large number are now shifting to e-bikes as their primary commute to school or work. As this moves forward, they have rules and regulations about e-bikes geared towards the safety of the riders. 

Speed and Braking Considerations

Here is one of the safety tips for the e-biker. An e-bike opens a world of exploration and freedom. Nowadays, e-bikes allow riders to go farther and even perhaps a bit faster than an ordinary bicycle. They accelerate faster, thus riders may be tempted to ramp up the gear and zoom away. 

A rider, especially newbies must practice at slower speeds. Do not let the freedom and the thrill of the e-bikes lead you to something you might regret. It is important to work the way to getting comfortable and having control of the e-bike speed. Knowing when to brake is one important safety tip for the e-biker.

One must also familiarize with the braking mechanism. Know how to determine an obstacle and slow down. Before hitting the brakes, consider the velocity and the distance between the e-bike and the obstacle. Instinctively make the decision and slow down slowly and gradually.

Avoid jamming the brakes at the last moment to prevent damage and injury. E-bikes have a more robust brake system than conventional bikes. Most consist of disc brakes and offer a more powerful brake system. Familiarize using the front and rear brakes and use both when stopping.

Gear Up and Inform Others 

A rider must take care of his well-being by wearing the needed knee, elbow, and hand pads for protection. A helmet is mandatory. The helmet mitigates any injury to the head by 50% and any neck and face injury by 33%.

Avoid wearing baggy clothing because it can get caught in the bike chain or wheel and may cause injury. Wear riding gear or fitted clothes to avoid injury.

When at a Junction

Part of the safety tips for the e-biker is when they are at a road junction. 70% of bike accidents and collisions occur at a junction on the road. A rider must know how to maneuver the e-bike.

When passing a side road that is on the left, be sure to move to a more central position to see unexpected cars. When moving to the corner of the road, check for any incoming cars from behind and check over the right shoulder.

Passing a junction at a central position, look over the shoulder before getting back to the original position on the road. This should be an arm’s length from the curb to avoid the gutter at a junction.

Riding Through Traffic

Traffic rules are meant for the safety of everyone on the road. Stay away from violating traffic rules and road signs. Always stay on the appropriate bike lane. Bikers tend to break speed limits and cut on red lights. This will only trap the rider for a possible accident and injury.

When there is traffic congestion, e-bikes have an advantage over cars and other vehicles. The e-bike can easily go through without having to wait for the traffic to clear. But even if this is happening, the rider should be mindful of safety without running the risk of crashing into another vehicle.

There are no best scenarios for traffic situations. E-bikers might run into a vehicle that is making a sudden switch through the left or turn without any signal. A person might suddenly open a door while in stationary traffic causing an e-bike to have a dump. The rider must be mindful and careful of these blind spots to avoid accidents. 

Obstructions on Bike Lanes

Most bike lanes are not wide, and riders should manage through this narrow pathway. The challenge on bike lanes is when individuals put litter or garbage or anything that may obstruct the way. Be sure to quickly get around such objects that may be there on the road.

The Blind Spot

This is one very important rule for e-bikers. This applies at stops, traffic lights, or high-speed signs. Car drivers do not expect e-bikers most of the time unless there is a bike lane. E-bikers must pay extra attention to this and avoid the car driver’s blind spot.

Hand Positioning

The rider’s hand is very important. Rider must make sure to always keep one hand on the handlebar and brakes. Braking an e-bike is different from conventional bikes. Riders must make sure that their hands are on the brakes to maintain balance.