Reasons to Buy an E-bike

Reasons to Buy an E-bike

Electric bikes or E-bikes have gained popularity over the years not only in the United States but globally as well.

The US government through the Bureau of Land Management in recognition of the benefits from e-bikes issued Secretary Order 3376 to “increase the recreational opportunities through the use of electric bikes”.  The SO directed related government agencies “to expand access on public lands to e-bikes and begin the longer-term process of amending existing regulations to address e-bikes.” E-bikes have been acknowledged as the transportation of the future and this is because of the benefits it brings.  These advantages would be enough reasons to buy an e-bike and use it for work or school commute and for recreational reasons.

E-bikes are cost and time efficient.

People use e-bike for various reasons. Whether they commute to school or to work or even to do errands at the corner grocer, e-bikes saves time and money.  Riders no longer need to wait on traffic flow to start or rely on public transportation to go around. Since most urban areas now have bike lanes, they can get to their destination faster.

In terms of cost, the electric power that goes into the e-bike is relatively cheaper than the recurring cost of gasoline and the maintenance of vehicles.  The cost of maintenance and repair is also lower for e-bikes. Though they may require a higher initial investment, in the long run, e-bikes are more cost-effective.

E-bikes can help in health conditions.

E-bikes have become an option for people who have some physical limitations like heart or lung problems and joint pains. The motorized bikes can be customized for every rider, and this makes the experience more enjoyable.

The elderly can resort to e-bikes as a form of recreation and exercise without much effort.  The benefits for mental well-being cannot be discounted with e-bike usage.


A pleasant, sweat-free ride.

Because an e-bike has a motor, a rider arrives at the destination sweat-free. Physical exertion is less when riding an e-bike.  Riders can go from one location to another even strenuous inclines with relative ease as well as it provides the extra speed.

E-bikes can provide for a healthier lifestyle. Riders can customize the level of physical exertion and introduce increase physical activity gradually. This may be in the form of a longer ride by going more distance or setting a time frame to reach a destination thereby increasing speed.


You can travel long distance with an e-bike.

There are certain states that allow e-bikes to go as fast as 25kph with motor assistance. Faster speeds can be achieved with the feature turned off.  The rider will not have to worry about recharging the battery because the e-bike is equipped with a substantial level of travel time and mileage. Current e-bikes even have fast charging that within 3-4 hours, the battery can be full. One reason to buy an e-bike is efficiency and the freedom to be on the “go” at any time.

E-bikes are good for the environment.

E-bikes do not emit carbon monoxide like other vehicles. They also require minimal electricity to recharge the battery. They are a great alternative to cars and are beneficial to the environment.

In a report by the Institute for Sensible Transport’s 2018, it stated that e-bikes can help minimize traffic congestion that is a major problem in most urban roads.

Buy an e-bike now!

There are still so many other reasons to buy an e-bike and why people incorporate an e-bike into their daily routine. The positive impact and flexibility on both financial and environmental aspect are probably a main consideration.

E-bikes do not only change lifestyles but introduces a whole new world of cycling to people, young and old alike. These bikes allow freedom and make riders weekend explorers. Buy an e-bike now and you will understand what it all means!